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    Bejai Museum – Mangalore

    Bejai Museum, also known as Seemanthi Bai Government Museum, is located at Bejai in the heart of the Mangalore city. It is named after the mother Seemanthi Bai of an officer V.R. Mirajkar of British Raj.

    It is the city’s only museum, and links modern Indian history with the 16th century. The museum provides a great knowledge into the Indian history and heritage through the collections of ancient and foreign coins, some belonging to British East India Company and Pakistan, and stylish paintings among others.

    This museum is very precious for the researches as it houses a wealth of metallic icons, statues, lamps and inscriptions made out of copper. One major draw is the copper inscription containing the verses of Keladi Venkatappa Nayaka, dating back to 1624 AD.