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    Welcome to Mangalore Day Tours

    Being No1 Travel Company in Mangalore , Muziris Heritage Experiences providing Shore Excursions and day tours from Mangalore Cruise Terminal.

    The mangalore Day Tour is our special day tour for people who want to explore Mangalore upclose and personal and also learn a lot of facts about the monuments that we would be visiting along with stories related to them. We also give deep insight about Indian Culture and Traditions on this tour. We also tell you fascinating stories about Indian Mythology and Spirituality on this tour making the experience enriching and full of fun.

    Our speciality is that we offer exclusively private tours In Mangalore. On our private tours with private guides in Mangalore only you or your family or your own group of friends will be doing the tour. These are not group tours where strangers will be touring with you. Your group will be only consist of you and your family and your friends. Our tours are extremely personal and private tours.

    Even when you might not be a Cruise Ship Passenger, you can also go for the Cruise Ship Special Group or Cruise Ship Private Group tour, do have a look at those Tour Itineraries as well.We also provide custom made Cochin backwaters and Taj Mahal tour

    At Muziris Heritage Experiences , we believe in igniting the passion of “Wanderlust. With our endearing network of employees and affiliates all over India, We are recognised by Ministry of Tourism (Government of India) & Accredited by Kerala Tourism (Government of Kerala) 

    We believe that travel is not only about visiting new places, but it changes the prism through which one sees the world. We care to ensure that there is minimal intrusive footprint and that each itinerary adds a dimension of sustainability in tourism.

    To offer inspiring journeys in the Indian subcontinent that will create everlasting memories. It is a pledge to explore breathtaking locations with our socially and environmentally responsible leaders, who are always present to satisfy the needs of our clients and forever exceeding their expectations.

    Come meet and greet the world with us & wear a big smile of satisfaction on your face , each time you travel !!!

    LIJO JOSE – Managing Director